Turbo Copy Pro

Turbo Copy Pro 1.2

Unlock the Enhancements for Copy and Paste Function on Mac Faster Copy and Adds Pause/ Resume Copy to Mac

Unlock the Enhancements for Copy and Paste Function on Mac Faster Copy and Adds Pause/ Resume Copy to Mac

Now Copy and Paste on Mac at Turbo Speeds with Turbo Copy Pro! Complete the features which are missing from Copy and Paste on your Mac

- Added Special XLogic to add Turbo speed boost while copying to Portable Drive.

- Warns and allow you to empty space if Portable disc is full

- Adds Pause / Resume option while copying large files

- Adds Merge/ Replace Directory function

- Easy to use and fully integrates into Mac Copy Paste Functions


Turbo Copy Pro works as an independent Copy and Paste on Mac enhancement add-on for Mac. The Turbo Copy Pro opens up a whole new dimension on the way users copy on a Mac, a whole different and more efficient copy and paste experience than a Mac has to offer you.

If you want to know how to copy on a Mac properly, then you need to use the Turbo Copy Pro, a genuine copying tool, which takes everything to a whole different level. With the Turbo Copy Pro, you definitely have more features, more efficient ways on how to copy on Mac more accurately and definitely quicker. Many Applications are available for windows like Teracopy, Ultracopier but there was no alternative for Mac to Boost Copy and Paste functions. So, here we are with Turbo Copy Pro for Mac to help Mac users experience the best.

The Turbo Copy Pro, is no average tool and it will definitely not disappoint you where quality and accuracy is concerned, you will definitely experience the Best

1. The Turbo Copy Pro will integrate itself with the “Finder” on your Mac. Therefore,there are no extra steps that you need to make.

2. Users have a Choice when to us Turbo Copy Pro to Boost Copy as it uses simple use of shortcut keys: CTRL+Command+ V for paste, so you don’t have to necessarily use the menu button of the software.

3. You can easily transfer directories with the Turbo Copy Pro along with the commands Replace/Rename/Skip

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Turbo Copy Pro


Turbo Copy Pro 1.2